Marathon Jewelry & Triathlon Jewelry & Accessories for Runners, Cyclists, & Swimmers

At Milestones Jewelry, we have two passions: Running, and making gifts for runners, marathoners and triathletes. Our goal is to express the joy of flying over the pavement and through the water in ways that sparkle and shine. Whether you want to inspire yourself with our triathlon jewelry, keep a visual reminder to be motivated with our marathon jewelry, or whether you want to declare your passion for running, swimming, biking, weight lifting – whatever amazing activity you love – we specialize in creating beautiful wearable art that helps you do it.

Plunging into our favorite sports energizes us. We feel empowered, proud of our accomplishments, and excited to take the next step – even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. Wearing marathon jewelry or triathlon jewelry reminds us to bring that focus and drive to wherever we are, whatever we are doing. Wear your “Swim, Bike, Run” bracelet to the grocery store and see what happens – our jewelry for runners is sure to start conversations with new friends everywhere you go.

When you give gifts for runners, you are supporting your favorite athlete’s motivation every time she slips on her Runner Girl Anklet or silver European beads necklace. Wish her luck with a Sterling Charm Bracelet, or commemorate her triumph with specially-designed jewelry for marathons and triathlons. With these gifts for runners, your good wishes will go with her wherever her feet, arms, wheels, and will, take her.

Live each day inspired. Stay strong, Stay Healthy, and Always Remember: NEVER QUIT!

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